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    March 3, 2014
    12:00 - 1:01pm PST  

hot delicious pizza. i like that one. >> and anthony tweeted: i tip 20 bucks but the delivery guy is my son. all right. he appreciates it. thank you for sharing your thoughts. i'm gretchen. here shep. >> there is breaking news now. just minutes a. from the start of the united nations security council meeting about the entire situation in ukraine, coming at russia denied it's made a grand ultimate actual, and also the west tries to figure out how to get moscow to back down. >> a full-fledged war in the heart of europe. >> today we're live at the united nations texas white house, at the pentagon, and on the ground in kiev, as the world waits to see what is next. it's breaking news. >> good monday afternoon to you
and yours from the fox news deck. another escalation in the frightening war of words and the threat of war overseas. russia is now officially denying claims that it gave the ukraine ians a deadline to surrender. it's not clear whether the deadline was bogus or russia backed down, fearing a backlash. at any rate, what is becoming clearer is russia's president, putin but, is now standing quite firm, ignoring warnings from the world and the u.s. specifically to keep its hands off ukraineed. video shows russian troops surrounding cities. and row, navy ships are blocking ukraine warships and russia has taken control of the region,
seizing airports and government buildings, all without firing a single shot. president obama threatened serious consequences and issued a new warning to moscow. but russia's president, vladimir putin, seems to be rubbing his defiance in d.c.'s face. today he took part in his military's war games, letting cameras record him watching the bombing drills. analysts say the standoff has become the biggest foreign challenge of president obama's time in office, and the biggest confrontation of this kind since the end of the cold war. tomorrow, secretary of state john kerry is set to go to kiev where the crisis began. that's where we saw the deadly protests. the latest action is in crimea, a region along the black sea. strategically important and socially as well. it is important to russia because the russian navy has a base there. a warm water port here to the black sea.
russian officials say they're trying to protect their citizens in the region, which is dubious to hear from many analysts. secretary of state called that a trumped up excuse. we have team fox coverage. wendell is live with reaction from the white house. first, let's get to eric shawn at the united nations. we're expecting a meeting to happen within the hour. right? >> yes, that meeting of the emergency meeting of the security council, 30 minutes from now here at the u.n. the third time the security council diplomats have gathered during the crisis. russia has called for the meeting so we'll have to see the implications of that. perhaps if it had to do with the supposed deadline. there's -- the ukrainian ambassador tells us there is a threat of war. we sat down with the ambassador. he says that the ukraine will defend itself against what he calls the illegal russian aggression. he says kiev does not want an armed conflict but will be
successful. he wants the world leaders to stand up to vladimir putin, to tell them to, quote, cool things off. clearly the tensions and the prospect of a possible war in and a military standoff are taking its toll. >> you fear there could be war. >> well, i think to pray and to be situated and to think about that, have to be prepared for what happened. we are preparing to defend ourselves. we are preparing to defend ourselves with the help of our partners. so the message is, in europe, in the united states. >> and we expect the ambassador to basically echo those same comments he gave us. >> it's been quite a series of sort of contradicting statements we have heard out of russia. do we have any clarity yet?
>> no, other than here, the russian ambassador continues to defend the actions of moscow, and he blames this crisis on the west. he says that the military forces were sent in to ensure stability of the crimea region and says this was done under the existing treaties and contracts with the ukrainian government. he says they were forced to do this after prorussian yanukovych was forced to resign and three. says he is still the president and has south refuge in rescue. they're saying they did this to protect the russian speaking people, about the ukrainian ambassador scoffs and said that's like saying putin would attack the united states. he grew up in the ukraine as a soviet republic and says he and the citizens he represents here do not want to go back and live
under moscow domination. >> eric shawne, thank you. the president just spoke about the crisis in ukraine. wendell is at the white house for us this afternoon. what did the president say? >> she president said russia is on the wrong side of history and its actions violated international law and the agreements it signed with that country. the secretary of state kerry is headed to kiev to offer aid to ukraine to make it more independent of russia, and he warned moscow that continued intervention in ukraine will cost the -- the costs will be high. >> if in fact they continue on the current trajectory they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. and we will have a negative impact on russia's economy and its status in the world. >> protest spoke on the phone with russian president vladimir
putin for 90 minute officers the weekend, and spoke with leaders of germany, poland and united kingdom. seven other countries in the g8 have suspended plans for a summit in sochi in june. the value of the ruble has fallen. >> many of the president's critics are blaming this on him. >> they are. arizona senator john mccain calls the president's foreign policy feckless. he says he may believe the cold war is over but vladimir putin does not. even the "washington post" editor you're board declared the foreign policy is based on fantasy, that's a quote. and michael turner says he needs to change. >> been implementing foreign and military policy based on we have no adversaries, russia is not an aggressive state. he needs to turn about face. he needs to begin to strengthen
our allies, strengthen our military. >> john mccain wants a number of russian officials, presumably anybody part of the action, barred from the country which bars people who commit human rights abuses from entering the u.s. a law mr. obama signed into law in 2012. >> john buss is with us here on the deck. executive businessed it for of "the wall street journal" warm. i suppose there are options for president obama. none seem good. >> you don't hear the republican leadership or the democratic leadership talking about any kind of military intervention by the united states. that's also reflecting the public mood. the the pew research center finds the americans should mind their own business overseas. after two wars abroad. where does that lead the united states? you're hearing discussion of not going to the g8 meeting in sochi. its just feels like not much of
an action by the u.s., given that the g8 has become less of a consequential organization. you can boot russia out of it. well, what does that do? you could pull back from trade negotiations. right now underway in washington with russian representatives. russia wants more liberalization with the u.s. you could impose a form of economic sanction against roche. doubtless will have little effect on what putin wants to do in crimea. >> the russian military has seized a former part of the soviet union. it's strategically important. it's happened without firing a shot. and now the question is, does it spread? because it's happened, whether they want to fess up to it or not. >> that's right. the strategically important part is important. that's why russia moved into this area. and russia hears the language now. of you move into other parts of ukraine it gets more serious
because there's likely to be fighting and bloodshed. at the end of the day some of this is going to speak to macro considerations, longer term. does europe want to be as dependent upon russian energy? that gas pipeline going through ukraine, providing a huge amount of the heating fuel for western europe. is the united states going to think differently about exporting oil, about exporting more gas in the future to supply our allies abroad. >> john buss, live with us. thank you very much. >> eninvestors reacting reactina big way. causes chaos. early trading dow was down a couple hundred points. analysts believe the cries is putting investor risk-taking on hold. the ruble is all time low against the dollar.
gold and u.s. government bonds are doing very well. safe spots. so people are putting these in other places, a flight to safety sends you there in russia, president putin's military amibitions are having economic consequences. the main index there plummeted at the end of trading today, 13%. impossible to predict how the crisis we play out. >> in other news, developments in the case of justin pelletier, that teenage girl on whom we have been reporting, doctors took her from her family. court victories for the parents and now we're hearing from her lawyer. we'll have that continuing coverage of all the big news of the day, and at some point the wickedly talented, the one and only, adele.
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>> the sick teenager caught in a tug of war between parents, doctors, and the state of massachusetts. today a new development. in fact a series of victories for the parents. a lawyer for justine pelletier's family says a judge has agreed doctors aft tufts university can
take over her care. >> it's important to transfer medical care back to someone who is familiar with justine. >> they have been wanting this all along. >> more than a year ago she was apparentsly an active teenager. now chev is in a wheelchair. her family says she is tired all the time and has had bad stomach problems. when he first got sick she went to tufts hospital and doctors treated her for a rare genetic disorder. months later she got sick with what her parents at the time thought was a severe case of flu so they brought her to the e.r. at boston children's opt instead of her regular doctors at tufts. the children's doctors tossed the earlier diagnosis out out and said she has a mental illness and when her parents tried to take her back to tufts, the children's hospital broth the family to court. they argued her parents were exciting child abuse by trying to get their daughter medical care instead of the mental health treatment those doctors believed she needs.
the state of massachusetts massachusetts stepped in, took cuffed of -- custody of the teen and recently proposed sending her to foster care on. friday officials at thele department of children and family indicated they would try to send her back to her home state of connecticut. now a big legal victory for the family. according to the lawyer the jump also lifted a gag order so the parents can talk about the case. her father is no longer facing contempt of court for speaking to the media. still, many questions remain unanswered. we do not know all sides of the story about we know for her parents, today was a win and a step on a journey that may bring their daughter home. >> a deadly storm packing ice and snow. new york got off easy today, to the it's cold. across the country, the severe weather forced airlines to cancel nearly 3,000 flights.
that's according to flying and the d.c. area got slammed. you saw the white house earlier. the feds closed schools, shut down government offices again. rich from fox business is on storm watch 2014. outside the d.c. news room there. how are you looking? >> snow just ended here, at least downtown d.c. didn't get all that much snow, but enough to paralyze this city. d.c. airport, national airport, having major problems. flights canceled up and down th runways are still closed. thousands of flights cancelled nationwide here. a group called mac flight says this far in this season $5.8 billion is the expense to travelers, carolina airports because of all the -- airlines and airports, and the federal government, federal workers are off they've had a couple of days where the government has been cancelled. and then you have four days in that total that include days they've been delayed here, and analysis back in 2010 says that
cost the federal government $70 million a day the government is closed, in work productivity. the problem becomes what you have on the roads, it's wet. we're supposed to have single digit temperatures tonight so look out for ice in the morning. >> thank you, sir. nobody likes to overpay for plane tickets. now the folks in a big travel web site say they checked millions of flights and figured out exactly how far in advance you need to book your trip. to give you the best chance at the best fare? what day? we'll reveal when you should purchase your tickets and the absolute worst time to buy airline tickets. this is the real deal. we'll continue in a moment. ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2 percent to manage your money. that's not much, you think except it's 2 rcent every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch! over time it really adds up.
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apparently. 129 days in advance for asia, and africa, that is the one that takes the longest. 166 days in advance to fly to africa, but researchers say they have different suggestions for planning your trip. let's bring in the wickedly talented. adele. >> very good. i love that oscar reference. >> i've not stopped laughing. how do we get there cheap? >> book between the 29-104 day window. the worst time to become a ticket its zero days, which i sometimes when i become my flight to 14 or 13 days in advance. at the prices skyrocket. the reason to book earlier if you're on a rigid schedule or going to be flying thanksgiving or christmas. you need to book by june 4th
june 4th according to cheap a lot of people have different strategies. i talked to some travel agents and they say you can do better here or there but the earlier the better. >> sometimes they go down before through go up. >> you can look at microsoft, binge travel, lot of different companies will have graphs that show you what works and what doesn't. it's okay to work later if you're on a flexible schedule and don't mind flying into a bigger city, like new york city, or l.a. so there's lots of different ways to do this. this is all based on data from 02013 so isn't necessarily predictive. we have a lot of stuff going on with relation to the oil fly and airlines and airlines not being able to fly. so this isn't gospel. >> all right, thank you. if you have secrets of your owns, ways you used to book a trip, we'd love to hear them. the united nations court
council is set to meet any minute on the crisis in ukraine. the leader warns his nation is on the brink of disaster. life's an adventure when you're with her.
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denver. say the owner realized his horse s at feeding time and tried to save the animal himself. crews used a giant tarp to pull it out of the water. they say both horse and owner are doing well. updates on the crisis in ukraine after this. ♪
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♪ morning. morning. thanks for meeting so early. oh, it's not a big deal at all. come on in. [ male announcer ] it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ >> we're just getting breaking news from the reuters news agency. we have just gotten word -- i'll read it -- armed men eave seize ukrainian border check points at terminal of ferry between russia and crimea. the crimean region is here, ukraine is here, russia is here. crimea is this area that's been taken over. there's a fer re between the mainland and crimea, and the report from reuters is that russian forces have taken over the area and are not allowing troops to goo back and forth in addition, three truckloads of armed men crossed by ferry to the ukrainian side.
there's no mistaking the russians have seized control of crimea. an area that does lean russian, where most of the people speak russian, that had traditionally been part of the greater soviet union in days past. right now representatives from russia requested a meeting at the united nations in which we expect to hear from the united states ambassador, and ambassadors to ukraine and russia. these are live pictures coming in right now. this is to start momentarily in the last hour president obama said russian's continued military actions in ukraine will be, quote, costly proposition for russia. unquote. the president went on to say rescue is on the wrong side of history. the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options that will isolate russia further, and some of those issues for be debated in the united nations security council right now. we'll monitor the meeting. should there be any news of any
kind on this serious subject in ukraine we'll take you there. secretary of state john kerry says western leaders are ready to go to the hilt to punish russia, but just as we saw during the cold war, looks as if leaders want to solve the crisis with diplomacy instead of force. ukraine's prime minister says any standoff would further rip his country apartment we have live coverage with amy kellogg, live in kiev. first let's get to jennifer griffin or person at the pentagon. what's the message from washington to vladimir putin. >> publicly they're being careful not to inflame the situation with red lines. president obama addressed the issue while seated next to benjamin netanyahu in the oval office. >> what cannot be done is for russia with immunity to put its
soldiers o the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world. >> this new video shows russian forces taking over that marine base and ferry terminal in crimea you referred to. appropriate porch says he is deeply troubled by what is happening in crimea. the ukrainian people must define their open destiny, he said. russia violated international law. he says the u.s. and its partners are looking at ways to isolate russia. the european union suggested that could mean sanctions. president obama asked the congress to immediately agree a aid package for ukraine when they return to washington this week. >> you mentioned john kerry came to the podium and told us he is going to ukraine and scheduled meeting for tomorrow there. >> that's right. he travels to kiev tomorrow, and just met with his counterpart in
muldova. >> i regret to say that russia in some of the challenges we're saying right now in ukraine, has put pressure on muldova. there are challenges with respect to their energy sources, and also their ability to trade. >> these pro-rescue protests for another day in ukraine worry u.s. officials because they could give putin an excuse to cross further into ukraine. it's ironic it was poland today which issued the call from the eu to sanction russia. all of russia's neighbors feeling very nervous. >> the crisis in ukraine all started in the capital city of kiev where protesters went from mostly peaceful to mayhem. demonstrate years hit the capital in november after the ukraineian president baked away from signing an agreement with the union.
the protests began as mainly peaceful. but over time there was some violent outbursts, specially after the government passed new event protest laws. the first deaths in january were reported in. and then riots and protests that killed dozens in kiev square. what's the mood like on the ground there, amy? >> people on the square below me have gone through the full gam mitt of e -- gamut of emotion and the rage that drove him to the square and the grief at the loss of so many people. 88 people killed on the square. and then the euphoria for having seen president viktor yanukovych to flee in the night and the fear that russian will ruin it all for them. what you see are the mountain of flowers laid in memory of those two died. british foreign secretary himself laid some flowers and
said the world cannot allow what is going on to happen, but he add ed the uk is not talking about military options. the concentration is on diplomatic and economic pressure. in kiev thousands came out calling for unity and speakers applauded bravery of the people at the capital. it's a different picture tonight. the square is quiet. people are trying to get back to normal. it's monday. they've got to get back to work finally and reclaim their lives. but at the same time, of course, it is not normal at all, as russia militarizes parts of the country and the fear is it will go in further and further. >> president obama deal wifing international issues. meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house to urge him to move forward with middle east peace talks. the u.s. set a deadline of april for israel and the palestinians to complete a framework for an agreement there has been little progress, according to all
reports. prime minister knelt netanyahu today said the palestinians have not been doing enough to advance peace talks. the two leaders discussed the ongoing conversations to rein in iran. president obama said the united states remains committed to stopping iran from developing nuclear weapons. the u.s. and other nations have engaged in recent talks with iran, and prime minister netanyahu has urged the united states, do not back down on economic penalties against iran. meantime, the state department is urging north korea to exercise restraint amid reports that country fired two short-range missiles again today, second launch in less than a week. state department spokesman said, quote, we urge north korea to refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensioned and improve relations with its neighbors. as if they're listening. south korea said the two
missiles that were launched landed safely in sea of '. >> jury collection started in the trial of saddam hussein0s son-in-law, on trial in new york city and we're live at the course coming up. >> the president of afghanistan calls al qaeda a myth. hamid karzai is back. it's monday on the fox news deck.
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osama bin laden's son-in-law is new on trial in new york city, charged with plotting to kill americans as a spokesman for al qaeda after the attacks of 9/11. the suspect is the highest ranking al qaeda member to stand trial on u.s. soil since the attacks. this image shows him on the left, sitting next to bin laden in a propaganda video that aired in october of 2001. the man on the other side is the
current leader, al zawahri. prosecutor says the son-in-law promised more attacks against america after the attacks. during one speech he said, quote, america must know the storm of airplane is will not stop and there are thousands of young people who are as keen about death as americans are about life. authorities captured the suspect in jordan last year. his trial underway in a federal courthouse the lower manhattan steps from where the twin towers once stood. he has pleaded not guilty and officials say security is extra tight. what happened there? >> today was day one of jury selection for this trial, and they're selecting anonymous jury. no names were used today. in the death was in court, wearing a khaki suit and no try. he listened to a translator, and
the judge asked him to turn to the potential jurors and asked if any of them knew him. and asked if jurors had ever heard of al qaeda, and none of them spoke up. nine potentials jurors have been excused so far and that's mostly for reasons like transportation, the commute, as well as some who had language barriers. the opening statements are expected to start on wednesday. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news from the united nations. the russian ambassador to the u.n. is speaking regarding the situation with ukraine and what the russians have done. listen. >> translator: actions of force in capturing and setting fire toad mr.tive buildings, attacking the police, and stealing from warehouses, and mocking officials in the region. crude intervention into churches. the center of kiev and many towns in western ukraine have
been taken over by armed national radicals under extreme ist, anti-russia and anti-semitic slogans being used. on the 21st of february, almost three months of the unrest, and the excesses, there was an agreement between the president of ukraine and the opposition. whereby they sign -- signed by the ministers of foreign affairs of germany, poland and france. refused to bring in an emergency situation. they took to the streets. flaunting authorities. the opposition did not do anything. the illegitimate weapons were not soarer denned -- surrenders. civic buildings and the streets were not freed up. the radicals are continuing to control the towns. instead of the promised establishment of a government of national unity there's been the formation of the government of the victors so-called. the parliaments of ukraine took a decision limiting the rights t
away the judges of the constitutional court, and is insisting on pursuing them criminally. there are demands to limit or maybe make it punishable to use the russian lang to ban political parities that don't 'suit them. so the victors want to use the fruits of their victory to trammell -- trample the rights s and basic freedom of people. all of this has bothered eastern and southern authorities of ukraine, the autonomous republic of crimea who don't want a repetition of this type of thing in their area in this situation of ongoing threats of violence, by the ultra nationalists. who -- those legitimate concerns of russian speaking people. people's brigade for self-defense has been establish who'd had already to curb attempts for forcible take over
administrative building in crimea and bringing weapons and ammunition on to the peninsula. we had information on preparation of new provocative acts through the russian black sea float in ukraine in these situations, the authorities of the republic have asked the presidents of russia to restore calm in crimean it's completely legitimate under russian law, and given the extraordinary situation in ukraine, this threat and the threat to our come -- compatriots, prognosis citizens and the black sea fleet. because of this the president of russia went to the federation asking for the you of armed forces and -- on the first of march, the council of the federation supported this appeal, which we hope will cut off the radicals, and i repeat, we're talking about defending our citizens and ourght, the ri.
madam president, today i am also authorized to say the following. the president has received 0 -- of russia has received the following from president yanukovych and i quote, the statements of the president of ukraine as a legitimately elected representative i say that the events in my place and the events in kiev have resulted in the fact that ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. in the country there is chaos and anarchy. the security and lives of anymore crimea are being threatened. so, under the influence of western countries that are open acts of terror and violence. people are being persecuted for language and political reasons inch this regard i would call on the president of russia,
mr. putin, asking him to use armed forces of the russian federation to establish a legitimacy of peace, law and order and stability and defending the people of ukraine. viktor yanukovych. so i have an opportunity to show all of you a photocopy of the original of this statement of the president of ukraine. i show it to the president of russia. and there it is. madam president, those who are trying to interpret this situation almost as aggression are threatening with sanctions and boycotts. these are indeed our partners who consistently have encouraged political forces close to them to engage in ultimatums and to refrain from dialogue to ignore the concerns of the south and eastern part of ukraine and in the end to polar rise ukrainian
society. we call on them to show a responsible approach to celts aside geopolitical calculations and to put above all the interests of the ukrainian people. it's necessary to fulfill obligations in the agreements dated 21st of february, including the beginning of a process of constitutional retomorrow, which past participation and full consideration of all regions of ukraine for subsequent approval in a national referendum and also the establishment of a legitimate government of national unity, considering the interests of all political forces and regions of the country. the russian position was and remains consistent and open. while for some western politicians ukraine is only a geo political playground, for us it is a fraternal country and we're bound tonight witness common history. russia is interested in a stable and strong ukraine. where we see legitimate rights some interest 0 ukrainian0s of
our compatriots and all citizens in this extraordinary situation, not of our making, when the life and security of the residents of crimea and southeast regions are being subjected to a real threat due to the irresponsible and provocative actions of gangs and other ultra nationalist elements we would like to emphasize that actions of russia are fully appropriate and legitimate. thank you very much, madam president. >> translator: i thank the russian federal racing for its statement and now give the floor to the representative of the united states of america. >> thank you, madam president. listening to the representative of russia, one might think that moscow just became the rapid response arm of the office over the high commissioner for human rights. so many of the assertions made this afternoon by the russian
federation are without basis in reality. let's begin with a clear and candid assessment of the facts. it is a fact that russian military forces have taken over ukrainian border posts. it's fact that russia has taken over the ferry terminal. it is a fact that russian ships are moving in and around sevastopol. it's a fact that russian forces are blocking mobile telephone services in some areas. it's a fact that russia has surrounded or taken over practically all ukrainian facilities in crimean it's a fact that today russian jets entered ukraineian air space. it's a fact that independent journalists report there's no evidence of violence against russians or pro-russian community. russian military action is not a human rights protection mission. it is a violation of international law and a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the
independent nation of ukraine and a breach of russia's hell cinch can i commitments and -- helsinki commitments. the question is whether the -- constitutes a danger to russia's interests to such an extent that russia is justified in intervening militarifully ukraine, seizing control of public facilities and issuing ultimatums. the answer is, of course, no. russian military bases in ukraine are secure. the new government in kiev has pledged to honor all of its intissing international agreements, including those covering russian bases. russian mobilization is a responsible to an imaginary threat. a second issue is whether the population of the crimea or other parts parts of eastern uke are at risk because of the new government. there's no evidence of this. military action cannot be justified on the basis of threats that haven't been made
and aren't being carried out. there is no evidence, for example, that churches in eastern ukraine are being or will be attacked. the allegation is without basis. there is no evidence that ethnic russians are in danger. on the contrary, the new ukrainian government placed a priority on internal reconciliation and blue inclusiveness. the acting president has made clear his opposition to any restrictions on the use of the russian tongue. no one has to explain to ukraine's new government the need have opening communications, not only with leader 0s of the russian ethnic minority, and when the current crisis began the government sent the former chief of defense to the region to diffuse the situation. a second emissary was prevented from entering crimea to engage in discussion and it is why ukra live reached out to russia. russia needs to reciprocate and
engage directly with the government of ukraine. i note that russia has implied a right to take military action in the crimea if invited to do so by the prime minister of crimea. as the government of russia well knows, this has no legal basis. the prohibition on the use of force would be rendered moot were subnational authorities able to unilaterally invite military intervention by neighboring state. under the ukraine constitution, on the rada can approve the presence of foreign troops. if we're concerned about the rights of russian speaking minoritieses, the united states is prepared to work with russia and this council to protect them. we have proposed and whole hearted live support the immediate deployment thereof of international observers and monitors from the u.n. to ensure that the people about whom russia express such concern are protected from abuse and to elucidates for the world the facts on the ground.
the solution to this crisis is not difficult to envision. there is a way out. and that is through direct and immediate dialogue by russia, with the government of ukraine, the immediate pullback of russia's military forces, the restoration of ukraine are's territorial integrity and the urgent deployment of observers and human rights monitors, not through more threats and more distortions. tonight the osce will de"monitors to ukraine and they can provide neutral and need assessments of the situation on the ground. their presence is needed in crimea and key cities in ukraine. the united states calls upon rich to make sure they're access is not impeded. the leadership in moscow may be unhappy about the former president's decision to flee ukraine and move in with them. russia may be displeased with the new government, which was approved by ukraine's parliament by an overwhelming majority,
including members of yanukovych's own party. russia has every right to wishing events in ukraine turn out differently. but it does not have the right to express that unhappiness by using military force or by trying to convince the world community that up is down and black is white. russia's calls to turn back time, to implement the february 21 agreement, ring hollow. it was yanukovych who failed to abide by the terms of the agreement, fleeing kiev and ukraine. the united states categorically rejects the notion that the new government of ukraine is a government of victors. it is a government of the people and one that intends to sheperd the country toward democratic elections, an election that would allow ukraines to have their views heard and the united states will stand strongly and proudly with the people of ukraine as they chart out their own did in the, their own government, thin their own future. the bottom line is that for all of the self-serving rhetoric we
have heard from russian facials in recent days, there is nothing that justifies russian conduct. as i said in our last session, russia's actions speak much louder than its words. this is not a human rights protection mission and is not a consensual intervention. what is happening today is a dangerous military intervention in ukraine. it is an act of aggression. it must stop. this a choice or russia. diplomacy can serve russia's interests. the world is speaking out against the use of military threats and the use of force. ukraineians must be allowed to determine their own destiny. thank you, mad dam president. >> samantha power, united states ambassador to the unated nations. an extraordinary back and forth there. eric shawne is at the united nations. that was lays it out. >> blunt, direct, and very strong statement by u.s. bam boars samantha power, demanding the russian troops leave
immediately. quite a detailed response to the -- a type of classic east versus west confrontation, cold war type confrontation, frankly, that the world thought we would not see since the breakup of the soviet union in 1991. now that has returned, now the future of ukraine hangs in the balance. >> jonathan hunt is here with us. not to suggest that some too not identify with very closely to russians but that goss not explain the rest of it. >> that's what the u.s. ambassador is saying. there is no excuse here. this is, she put it north human rights protection issue. russia has gone beyond the pale. these were very strong words we heard from samantha power. the question is, how they are backed up with action, what type of action. can economic punishment actually achieve what the u.s. wants, which is for russia to back off. certainly we're not considering any military action.
>> the ferry terminal between ukraine -- between the mainland and -- you wonder how much farther is this going to go? that has to be key. >> what happens now, what is important now, is watching what the russian military does. do they take more military posts, seive more flight officers ukrainian territory by russian aircraft. if the russians start moving more military hard ware in this, this takes today a whole new level once between. it's dangerous enough already. >> the options are so limited. what can you do? samantha powers talking about nato troops going in there. russia would veto it. >> they will try to get monitors in there but no military action from the west. they just can't. >> thank you. we recall have continuing updates throughout the day. late at night, they're approaching 11:00 in kiev. there was a deadline of 5:00 a.m. tomorrow but looks like the russians are backing off from that. some troubles in the market around the world as a result of
this. the dow is off largely based on thisful world markets were down overnight. huge drops in russia. now let's get to the very talented adele. >> it's getting worse. tensions escalating over there and now oil prices are spiking over here. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. russia rocking world markets. the dow at one point tumbling more than 200 points 1, 55 by day's end, as russian troops surround key ukrainian compounds. russia giving the troops inside an ultimatum. surrender or we're coming in. now reports men have seize -- armed men eave seized the ferry terminal in crimea, if you don't think this matters to you, maybe this will.